Why the Easter Bunny Needs Ironlaces



We decided to do a bit of math with it being the Easter weekend and all. No, those things may not naturally go together, but shoelaces and the Easter Bunny do – at least in our minds.

Taking a few stats from Santa, we wondered, would the Easter Bunny need Ironlaces for his running shoes when delivering eggs around the world? The answer is a resounding yes.

You see, based on estimates, Santa has to make about 822.6 visits per second to visit all the homes of good children in Christian or secular environments (skipping the homes that don’t participate in Christmas or Easter activities). While Santa only visits the nice children and not the naughty, the Easter Bunny doesn’t make that distinction, so his numbers are even higher. Plus, Santa travels in a sleigh while the Easter Bunny has to hop. That’s about 122 million miles to travel on foot and most manufactures feel their shoes can last anywhere from 200 to 500 miles. We were conservative in our math and went with 500 miles which gives us about 244,000 pairs of shoes the Easter Bunny will go through. With Ironlaces, he can use the same laces for every pair of shoes.

Happy Easter!