In Case of Zombies


In taking a bit of a break today, I turned to my good friend Google for some amusement and found an interesting fact that zombie apocalypse watchers have been discussing for quite some time. In order to slow zombies down and prevent further attacks, when someone dies, you tie their shoelaces together before they turn into a zom (another new learning – zom is short for zombie in many circles).

Some folks take this concept even further and say that once we’ve been bitten (thus are going to turn into a zom), we should tie our own laces together.

It actually takes a while to turn into a zom (any where from several minutes to more than an hour), so there is time to do the tying. Of course the movie World War Z would have us believe it takes only 10 seconds to become a zombie, but this philosophy is widely discredited by zom enthusiasts. Those who consider the abilities of zoms place their ability level in terms of reasoning quite low, so they would not be able to untie their own laces, thus forcing the amusing shambling, falling scenario you are currently seeing in your mind’s eye.

Of course, for full protection, we suggest a few pairs of Ironlaces in every zombie apocalypse kit. These will ensure your own runners never need new laces, provide the ability to tie legs (not just shoes) together of those who depart, and even make for handy rope-substitutes. Stay safe out there!