A Salute to the Quad Riders Association of BC

ATV fun

In a random web search to find some fun, I came upon the Quad Riders Association of BC website. Wow, what a great organization! They feature a wide range of events of their own and of ATV clubs throughout the province that are affordable, family-friendly and fun.

There are four events featured in June and July in the Interior, Kootenay and Prince George regions. Camping, prizes and get-togethers are all part of the deal. What a great road trip to pack the quad and some camping gear for.

In addition to events, there is plenty of information on the site about trails, technical details and safety. Membership is $40 for individuals and $70 for a family which can be paid through a local club (I lost count at 40) or direct through the BC organization.

If you’re a quader, or want to be one, this is the place to check out!