Firefighters Recycling to Other Countries



Everyone has garbage. Even firefighters end up with equipment that has outlasted what is seen as its useful life in North America. But that same equipment can get another life – often longer than the first – when it goes to countries without the budget for proper (or any) firefighting equipment like Nicaragua.

Through Kamloops Firefighters Operation Nicaragua, firefighters and other volunteers from Kamloops and across Canada work to collect donations of a wide range of items for their firefighting brothers and the residents of Nicaragua who don’t have the level of resources available in Canada. Over the years, donated equipment has included extinguishers, safety equipment and even fire trucks.

While there are parts of Nicaragua covered by government funded firefighters, much of the country, and its residents, are only protected by a volunteer force that has no budget and receives no pay. These individuals risk their lives, often fighting fires in blue jeans and T-shits, simply to help out their fellow countrymen.

The next time you see a firetruck race by, sirens blaring, give thanks for having those resources. We’re sending a big round of applause to the Kamloops firefighters as well – way to go!