The Benefits of Working a Manual Labour Job

We have all heard the argument about why manual labour is bad for your health but have you ever considered the benefits, there are a ton. Let us break it down for you.

Manual Labour:

Reduces stress
Focusing on one repetitive task for an extended period of time has a calming effect, it can be seen as a form of meditation from your mind. Do you ever get that feeling you’re on autopilot when doing a task? Like when you’re driving and have somehow already reached your destination but you can’t remember the car ride – that’s what we’re referring to. In addition to the combination of physically activity and being unplugged from your phone, manual labour contributes to stress reduction by making you physically tired enough to get a restful night’s sleep.

Burns calories
Standing alone burns 50 calories per hour but physically working for 8-10 hours burns a ton more calories and helps promote a healthier lifestyle compared to someone sitting at a desk all day.

Improves coordination
Many manual labour jobs require hand-eye coordination and after practicing it for over 40 hours a week your bound to get good at it.

When you physically have to work for your money, you tend to have a different level of appreciation for it and this sense of appreciation unintendedly flows into other parts of your life, you start showing more empathy towards others and tend to have more respect in general. This contributes to a positive outlook which is essential to a healthy life style.

Job satisfaction
Nothing is more satisfying than physically seeing the fruits of your labour. Manual labour jobs have reported some of the highest levels of satisfaction when it comes to work productivity.

Go you! Give your self a pat on the back if you are one of the many people who work a manual labour job.