Camping Equipment – What You Should Splurge On

Camping equipment can get really expensive – really quickly! Especially if it is your first time going and you want all of the right tools and gear. No fear! We have got you covered on where to spend your money and where to save it!

There are the important things that can be used year after year if you buy higher quality:


  • Make sure your bag is properly rated for the temperatures you’ll be sleeping in.
  • If you tend to get cold when you sleep, you might want to look at warmer bags and use an insulated sleeping pad, like the MEC VectAir.


  • Look for a tent that’s leak-proof, has good ventilation and heavy-duty zippers,
  • Look for something easy and fast to set up in case you roll into your campsite after dark.
  • Consider what it will be like to hang out inside your tent. Take headroom and living space into consideration.


  • Necessary to make sure your food doesn’t spoil.
  • Look for proper insulation, an airtight lock or zipper so it won’t leak and attract animals.
  • Think about mobility and how easy it is to carry or transport the cooler
  • If you get a cooler that’s durable, you’ll get lots of use beyond camping.


  • If your a hiker or explorer this is an important purchase.
  • Shop for sturdiness and comfort.
  • If you want to go the extra mile – buy a pair of insulated booties – trust us you wont regret it.


And then there are the items that are easily lost and need to often be replaced, don’t spend as much on these items:


  • Lightweight stoves and inexpensive dishes  are the way to go.
  • Simple, portable double-burner stoves like the Primus Profile are a great option if you’re feeding a few people, or you can keep it simpler still with a trail stove, like this Primus Classic.


  • Headlamps are an inexpensive way to stay safe and keep your hands-free.


  • simple hatchet can do the trick around most campfires. You’ll need it to chop kindling, even though most parks offer pre-chopped wood.
  • If you have trouble lighting fires, try a homemade fire-starter recipe by dipping cotton balls in petroleum jelly.

If your not sure camping is for you just yet, consider renting equipment for your first trip!