2017 California Wildfires

Last year was devastating for California — It was the most destructive fire season on record in the region with over 9,000 fires burning over 1.3 million acres of land. Homes were destroyed, wildlife was displaced, and many people lost their lives.

The largest, the Thomas Fire, burned in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in December and destroyed over 114 hectares of land to become the largest modern California wildfire in history. Over 8,500 firefighters, the largest mobilization of firefighters for a Californian fire in history, were called in to fight the blaze. The fire was contained in early January, but with so much of the local vegetation destroyed, the heavy January rains triggered severe mudslides and flooding in the already devastated region. Twenty people died and over 100 homes were destroyed.

We can’t express the sorrow we’ve felt watching the news. Sadly, many of these fires could have been prevented. We implore everyone adventuring in great outdoors this year to be vigilant and report any wildfires to local park rangers or 911 immediately. Always practice fire safety and avoid burning or campfires in dry areas.

We truly thank the incredible number of brave men and women who worked tirelessly to save people, wildlife, homes and land – and the thousands of volunteers who gave so much of their time and money to help those affected. Your service and dedication will always be remembered and appreciated.

The entire Ironlace team pass on their deepest condolences to anyone affected by the fires in California, and around the country. We pray that 2018 and beyond will see a less devastating wildfire season.

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