Cool welding projects we love!

Looking for some inspiration for your next welding project? Here are some fun ideas you can try:

Here are some fun metals to use in your next project:

  • Horseshoes: Horseshoes are great for welding. Try making a Christmas tree, turkey, coat rack, or mug hanger with recycled horseshoes.
  • Metal Cutlery: these can easily bend into any shape, for almost any accent or structure.

With scraps or larger metals, here are some fun welding projects you can work on:

  • Welded animal sculptures: Get creative and weld metal scraps into animal shapes.
  • Bottle or pen holders: Weld metal to form fun sculptures that can hold wine bottles, pens, or tools.
  • Portable fire pit: Stay warm on cool spring and summer nights with your own, fire pit!
  • Tables and chairs: Weld table and chair frames. Look for plastics, glass, or wood pieces add for the finishing details.
  • Meat Smoker: Weld a grill inside a drum to make your own smoker and get some amazing flavour in your next meat or fish dish!

Check out Pinterest or Google to find more inspiration and DIY instructions for your next welding project and don’t forget your welding safety equipment! Protect your feet with high-top leather boots and Ironlace boot laces, which are built to withstand the harshest environments on earth, even your welding shop.

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