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So you’ll never know a bad day at work…

Your customers wake up with a cup of joe in hand, slip into their favorite pair of work boots head out for work Thatā€™s a lot of trust they put into their shoes. And the worst way to derail a hard dayā€™s work? Having their laces break on the job. They trust their boots to put in a solid day of work and they trust their favorite store to equip them.

Thatā€™s why Ironlace we made a pair of laces that work hard like your customers, in your store to prepare customers for whatever may come at them, and for your store to maximize return on the inventory you purchase.Ā 



Making Footwear Accessories Easy

For over 8 years Ironlace has been supplying independent retailers and chain stores with exceptional laces that provide exceptional return per square foot and provide excellent value for customers. We know that keeping a store well stocked is no easy task, so we make it easy to partner with us:

Pick the right size boot lace length now and never have to buy them again - EVER

The benefits of partnering with Ironlace:

  • Easy to use Online Wholesale Order Form
  • Ordering by Phone, Spreadsheet, Email and Fax
  • Great Customer Service
  • We guarantee all of our products and provide hassle free warranty claims.
  • US and Canadian Warehouses for simple, customs and duty-free orders
  • The right package, every time: Our warehouse is managed using ISO 9000 Management Systems
  • Good Advice: With over 100,000 sets of laces sold, we can recommend the right product mix for any retail environment.
  • POP Programs: We work with retailers to maximize displays and incentivize employees that can create a 25% increase in sales.
  • The ultimate Up-sell: Our partners tell us that Ironlace Unbreakable laces are their #1 upsell along side steel-toed boot purchases.

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