When is it Time to Get a New Pair of Work Boots?

Old footwear is unsafe and damaged foot wear is pretty much as bad as not wearing safety shoes at all. If you can’t tell when to replace your work boots here is what you should be looking for:    Wear and Tear  Can you see the steel toe shining through? Is the heel plate rubbed […]

How to make running more enjoyable

Running is a great way to reduce stress and get your exercise but whether you’re an avid daily runner looking to switch things up or someone who just doesn’t like running and wants to, check out the following tips to make running more enjoyable.     Switch up the scenery   Tired of running the same route […]

Camping Equipment – What You Should Splurge On

Camping equipment can get really expensive – really quickly! Especially if it is your first time going and you want all of the right tools and gear. No fear! We have got you covered on where to spend your money and where to save it! There are the important things that can be used year […]

Building and Emergency Preparedness Kit

In light of recent events we think it’s important to revisit the idea of having an emergency preparedness kit in your home. A kit can be every useful in any sort of natural disaster and they are easy and relatively cheap to put together. Do yourself and your family a favor and think ahead. We’ve […]

Beat the Heat, Summer Work Place Safety

Although the sun is beautiful, the heat and those rays are awfully dangerous. We want you to stay safe and beat the heat with these workplace safety tips: Know the signs of a heat stroke Heatstroke is where the body is no longer able to cool itself and a person’s body temperature becomes dangerously high. Symptoms […]

Squamish Days, Loggers Sports Festival!

Okay, if you haven’t heard of the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival, you’re in for a real treat! This amazing festival is as thrilling as it is entertaining. The main event ofcourse is the two world-class Logger Sports Shows featuring participants from countries like Germany, the US, Switzerland, Australia, and of course Canada. They’ll all be competing for prestigious […]

Stretching to Avoid Workplace Injuries

Our day to day work can take a toll on our health over time. Aside from stress and mental wellness, physical strain at work can cause bigger problems and affect our posture overtime. Stretching is a quick and easy way to off set a lot of these issues. Stretching provides a variety of benefits including: […]

5 Adrenaline rushing activities to add to your bucket list

If you’re looking to add a little thrill to your life, we have put together a list of “can’t miss” experiences. Some of these may seem a bit extreme but if your an adrenaline junkie then you won’t want to miss out on these adventures of a lifetime! Edge walk in Canada Take a walk […]

More Jobs Than Grads

Now is a better time than ever to consider a career In trades. It’s that time of year again, students all over the world are crossing the stage and waving goodbye to high school and hello to the real world! We think it’s important to discuss the opportunities the trades industry presents to these future […]