It’s simple. Griptape is abrasive and most laces break. Ironlace Skate Laces won’t!

Made from the same fiber as our Ironlace Boot Lace these laces drastically outperform stock laces. Ironlace Skate laces DON’T STRETCH, STAY TIED and are 20X more abrasion resistant than kevlar.

Laces come in 33″ 45″, 54″ and 63″ for skate shoes.

Get 33″ if you’re putting them on classic loafer-style vans. 45″ laces will fit most standard skate shoes with 5-6 eyelet pairs. Get 54″ shoelaces if your shoes have more than 6 eyelet pairs like on mid-top shoes and get 63″ laces for high-tops.