Ironlace™ Unbreakable Sport – Flat Shoelaces


Did you know almost every shoe, boot and skate is sold with low performing cotton or polyester laces that stretch during a game and can break at any time? Sitting on the side lines with a broken lace won’t bring home the gold.

Made from Ironlace unbreakable fiber, these laces dramatically outperform stock laces on any type of performance footwear.

33″ 45″, 54″ and 63″ shoelaces fit all types of shoes including skateboard, tennis and basketball shoes. 96″, 108″ and 120″ lengths are perfect for snowboard boots and hockey, roller and inline skates.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers worldwide, Ironlace™ Laces are the strongest, most durable shoelaces in the world!