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10 unique places in North America to hike in 2018

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more active, check out these picturesque North American parks with amazing hiking trails: The Grand Canyon, Arizona: Climb 4,500 feet in 9.5 miles (but be sure to rest for 15 mins every hour) Arches National Park, Utah: Hike to see the stunning naturally formed rock arch in […]

How to make running more enjoyable

Running is a great way to reduce stress and get your exercise but whether you’re an avid daily runner looking to switch things up or someone who just doesn’t like running and wants to, check out the following tips to make running more enjoyable.     Switch up the scenery   Tired of running the same route […]

Camping Equipment – What You Should Splurge On

Camping equipment can get really expensive – really quickly! Especially if it is your first time going and you want all of the right tools and gear. No fear! We have got you covered on where to spend your money and where to save it! There are the important things that can be used year […]

Squamish Days, Loggers Sports Festival!

Okay, if you haven’t heard of the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival, you’re in for a real treat! This amazing festival is as thrilling as it is entertaining. The main event ofcourse is the two world-class Logger Sports Shows featuring participants from countries like Germany, the US, Switzerland, Australia, and of course Canada. They’ll all be competing for prestigious […]

5 Adrenaline rushing activities to add to your bucket list

If you’re looking to add a little thrill to your life, we have put together a list of “can’t miss” experiences. Some of these may seem a bit extreme but if your an adrenaline junkie then you won’t want to miss out on these adventures of a lifetime! Edge walk in Canada Take a walk […]

Brutal Outdoor Races You Need To Try If You’re An Extremist!

The local hikes and runs are just not cutting it for you. You’ve done the Tough Mudder and done marathons twice over. Whether it be brutal climates or insane difficulty these races are sure to get you out of your comfort zone, challenge you and make you feel proud to reach the finish line. We […]