Frequently Asked Questions

What length of lace should I buy?

The best way to choose a size is to measure the laces you’re replacing. Remove laces from your shoes and use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. 

If you don’t have the lace, don’t have a tape measure handy or don’t want to unlace your shoes use the following chart:

If you are replacing you shoelaces, we generally use 45″ laces for low-tops, 54″ for mid-height shoes and 63″ for high-tops. We always suggest measuring against the laces you are replacing as there are sooo many different styles and widths. One general chart cannot accurately definitively give you the correct length all the time. Other considerations relate to the type of lacing you use and the style of knot you use to fully appreciate the length you require. 

I tear an average shoelace every day skateboarding, will these withstand a beating from griptape?

Yes they will. They will withstand griptape and abrasion against concrete better than any lace on the market. Ironlace is more than 20x more abrasion resistant than Kevlar and more than 100x more abrasion resistant than the stock shoelaces that came with your skate shoes.

Would these laces be good for wildland fire fighting?

These are the best laces for wildland firefighting! They will withstand more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Other laces on the market get their fire resistance by adding a piece of steel in the center of the lace – if it really gets hot their laces may not break but they will retain heat and will be too hot to handle while the outer sheath will burn away.

Where are they made?

They are made in the USA.

Is it really a life time warranty?

 Yes! We guarantee our Ironlace Boot Lace and Ironlace Sport Laces for life and we guarantee Ironlace Paracord 550 laces for the life. If you experience a fully broken Ironlace please email:

Send along a picture of the laces, a copy of the receipt, your name, complete mailing address, type of lace, color and size so we can complete your request as soon as possible. We will qualify the break and send you a new pair.

What if my aglet (lace tip) has come off and I can no longer put the lace end through the eyelet?

If your aglet is missing, generally the lace end will make a fuzzy larger ball shape that is about 1/8th of an inch. Cut off the 1/8th of an inch with something very sharp like a box cutter, be very careful and only if you feel confident to do so. Then a couple of drops of super glue (don’t need much), it will wick up the lace for about ½” on the end of the lace and will harden the tip. This works very well as an aglet.

13 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Charlie Jones says:

    I’m a 12 year Journeyman Union Ironworker, certified welder…. I bought a new pair of Red Wing boots in April 2015, ordered one pair of laces for them, the laces are in their second pair of Red Wings, barely look broken in….. The absolutely best boot laces ever made, Thank you…

  2. Joseph Fierro says:

    Hey guys, I’m in welding school, and needed some laces that cold not only withstand the day to day beatings but also the extreme heat of welding. And your laces have ran laps around the competition! I cant praise you guys enough. All of my future pairs of boots will have ironlaces on them. I just have one small question, do you guys or will you guys have stickers or decals? I’d love to get a few, and put em on my welding hood, truck, and tool box. Please get back to me on this, and please keep up the great work!!!

  3. Steve Jones says:

    Best boot laces hands down. I’ve been using iron lace for the last few years and I’ve only had one lace break since the first pair I bought. The first pair lasted through cutting up four retired navy submarines. That’s hours of molten metal hitting them. Your feet will start burning before these laces do. The second pair was bad luck and near the end of the lace where it ties up got cooked pretty good. It was melted enough that it would tear up my hand when I tied my boot. It’s insane the amount of abuse these laces can take. I put them to the extreme on a daily basis and if they can handle hours on end of torching, carbon arc gouging, plasma cutting, and oxygen lancing they’ll be able to handle whatever you can throw at them. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Patrick says:

    These are the best laces. I bought a pair in 2014 when I visited the US and they’ve only just broken. I’m always working on the concrete floor of my garage and wear through normal laces in days. These have held up for six years. It was only the constant abrasion that wore them out. The leather on the toes of my boots wore through years before these did (I mended those with Tuff Toe).

    I’m have not intention of trying to claim on the warranty. I haven’t got the original receipt in any case. These laces have paid for themselves many times over already. I’m just really pleased to have found somewhere that sells them in the UK. I’ll buy these for all my boots now.

  5. Nathan says:

    Bought a pair of round brown laces for my Obz’s and after one day of wearing them, I ordered three more pairs for my other hikers and work boots. Good laces make a boot fit and wear better, so many do not understand that. As a journeyman lineman, foot comfort and stability means happy, and supporting a company that makes a difference in the community is definitely a bonus.

  6. Joshua says:

    Are these laces nonconductive/static dissipative? I’m an electrician and need durable laces but don’t want to wear a possible hazard

  7. Michael C says:

    These are the best laces in the world. I used to go through multiple laces with one boot life. With these Ironlaces I go through multiple boots. I still have my first pair and 6 months ago I noticed a spot getting thin and I thought they were soon to be done. NOPE! Still wont let go. I have the receipt still from original purchase but I will not be using the lifetime guarantee. I’m so impressed with these laces I want to spend the money to make sure this company gets their profit they deserve. Outstanding Ironlace!

  8. Tom G says:

    WOW!!! Didn’t know there was such a thing as lifetime guarantee. I was looking for bulk on the internet. With that said, I just bought 3 pairs. Now I just read about what to do if the aglet (lace tip) comes off. I used that method quite a few times but before that I slip a piece of heat shrink tubing on first then glue it then slide the tubing down to the end of the shoe lace and heat it up, but only do it if you are sure it will go thru. Then you have a new aglet.

  9. Jason Fildes says:

    Can you wash these laces? If so, what’s the best way? I usually just use a little dawn and hot water on other laces

    BTW, best damn boot laces I,’ve EVER bought

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