Is it really a life time warranty?

Yes…If you experience a fully broken Ironlace, you can send along a picture, a copy of the receipt, and your address to Warranty@Ironlace.ca. We will qualify the break and send you a new pair.

What if my aglet has come off and I can no longer put the lace end through the eyelet?

If your aglet is missing, generally the lace end will make a fuzzy larger ball shape that is about 1/8th of an inch. Cut off the 1/8th of an inch with something very sharp like a box cutter, be very careful and only if you feel confident to do so. Then a couple of drops of super glue (don’t need much), it will wick up the lace for about ½” on the end of the lace and will harden the tip. This works very well as an aglet.

What length of lace should I buy?

Hmmm…Well the truth is, the variation of eye placement, coupled with how broad the tongue is along with the varying heights, make it impossible to tell exactly. Actually measuring the physical boot as you would tie it with a piece of string would give you a good sense of the length. You could measure the original lace and determine if it was suited to your needs then refer to the lengths available in products. On this topic, a wonderful site to visit is, Ian’s Shoelace Site, Ian provides a couple of great tools to help determine the length you require.

I tear an average shoelace every day skateboarding, will these withstand a beating from griptape?

People will think you’re a genius! Others will be changing out laces while you continue to show off the skills!!

Would these laces be good for wildland fire fighting?

These are the best laces for wildland firefighting! They will withstand more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where are they made?

They are made in the USA.