FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What length of lace should I buy?

The best way to choose a size is to measure the laces you’re replacing. Remove laces from your shoes and use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. 

If you don’t have the lace, don’t have a tape measure handy or don’t want to unlace your shoes use the following chart:

How to choose the right size shoelaces bootlaces laces

If you are replacing your skateboard shoelaces, we generally use 45″ laces for low-tops, 54″ for mid-height shoes and 63″ for high-tops.

I tear an average shoelace every day skateboarding, will these withstand a beating from griptape?

Yes they will. They will withstand griptape and abrasion against concrete better than any lace on the market. Ironlace is more than 20x more abrasion resistant than Kevlar and more than 100x more abrasion resistant than the stock shoelaces that came with your skate shoes.

Would these laces be good for wildland fire fighting?

These are the best laces for wildland firefighting! They will withstand more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Other laces on the market get their fire resistance by adding a piece of steel in the center of the lace – if it really gets hot their laces may not break but they will retain heat and will be too hot to handle while the outer sheath will burn away.

Where are they made?

They are made in the USA.

Is it really a life time warranty?

Yes! We guarantee our Ironlace Boot Lace and Ironlace Sport Laces for life and we guarantee Ironlace Paracord 550 laces for the life of your footwear. If you experience a fully broken Ironlace, you can send along a picture, a copy of the receipt, and your address to Warranty@Ironlace.ca. We will qualify the break and send you a new pair.

What if my aglet (lace tip) has come off and I can no longer put the lace end through the eyelet?

If your aglet is missing, generally the lace end will make a fuzzy larger ball shape that is about 1/8th of an inch. Cut off the 1/8th of an inch with something very sharp like a box cutter, be very careful and only if you feel confident to do so. Then a couple of drops of super glue (don’t need much), it will wick up the lace for about ½” on the end of the lace and will harden the tip. This works very well as an aglet.


18 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Glen Bailey says:

    Wearing them in my Keen work boots at a steel mill. The laces are amazing, I love how they stay tied. However I had one break. I kept it but curious on how you would like me to proceed.

    • Mike Perry says:

      I imagine you could but, we have tested with actual scales and the rated break strength is at least 750 lbs per lace and we have had results upwards of 1100 lbs prior to break!!!

    • Mike Perry says:

      Sorry no we don’t the thinness has caused people to complain that they hurt their hands when they go to tighten.

  2. Charlie Jones says:

    I’m a 12 year Journeyman Union Ironworker, certified welder…. I bought a new pair of Red Wing boots in April 2015, ordered one pair of laces for them, the laces are in their second pair of Red Wings, barely look broken in….. The absolutely best boot laces ever made, Thank you…

  3. Nathan Giesbrecht says:

    Hi. I am wondering how many times does it warranty? If I would buy them and they break, do they just get warrantied once? Just confirming. Thx

  4. Calvin says:

    I bought a pair of your IRONLACE unbreakable boot laces and was wondering if you sell this outstanding cordage in bulk?

  5. Kerri Jendrick says:

    Good Morning,
    First of all, LOVE these laces. I work in a forestry setting at a lumber mill and wear work boots everyday. These laces last a LONG time. I have had where they break however. I have purchased three sets (due to missing receipts). Most recently I have switched them out a couple of times with the local store Jobsite work wear in Whitecourt Alberta. My question is about my exchange from yesterday, they stated this is not a lifetime guarantee on the laces but a “lifetime” of the boot? I am wondering the accuracy of this? If this is not the case, I will no longer return them with the store purchased?? I would appreciate any insight and clarification in this matter. Please advise.

    • Mike Perry says:

      Hello Kerri, we do guarantee the Ironlaces for life and the Paracord laces for the life of the footwear you put them on. I hope this helps

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