Paracord Projects For Survivalists: 10 Ways Your Boot Laces Could Save Your Life

People have been using paracord for survival since its invention, but that wasn’t the original intention. During WWII, the United States Military was facing a dilemma. Before the war, parachutes and their suspension lines were made from silk, a Japanese export. This posed some obvious issues after the two countries found themselves at war. Luckily, […]

The Most Useful Ways To Tie Your Laces

 The most useful ways to tie your laces with the top methods. As youngsters we’re taught how important it is to keep your laces tied. Don’t trip over a stray shoelace! Know that the way you tie your laces, can also have an impact on the functionality, fit and comfort of your shoes.  The traditional […]

Make running more enjoyable

jogger running cherry trees

  Make running more enjoyable. It’s a great way to reduce stress and get your exercise. Try switching up the routine to keep it alive!  Here are a few suggestions to make running more enjoyable:     Keep it fresh, switch up the scenery    Tired of running the same route day after day? Make […]

Brutal Outdoor Races You Need To Try If You’re An Extremist!

The local hikes and runs are just not cutting it for you. You’ve done the Tough Mudder and done marathons twice over. Whether it be brutal climates or insane difficulty these races are sure to get you out of your comfort zone, challenge you and make you feel proud to reach the finish line. We […]

Exercises to Improve Your Hike

Exercises to Improve Your Hike. While we all think of hiking as being exercise, doing a few different exercises before the hike to prepare your body will make hiking a more enjoyable way to get fit. It’s preconditioning your body to prepare it for the bigger activity you’re looking forward to. You’ll find the hike […]

The Importance of Fire Safety

The Importance of Fire Safety. In the warmer weather it’s only natural to want to hit the trails for some camping and hiking. The outdoors provide a great escape from urban life. An opportunity for exercise, a natural relaxing space to share and reflect with those we care about. We all love a campfire. Remember […]

Runner’s High

Avid runners have heard the term “Runner’s High”. The psychological state of feeling that time is suspended and aches and pains are removed. Including a sense of euphoria or a bit of “I’m a super hero”. So what do laces have to do with achieving the Runner’s High?  As it turns out, a lot. Repetitive […]

Pick the Right Shoes for Outdoors

ironlace hiking boot laces with paracord 550 perfect for outdoor pursuits shoelace shoelaces shoe lace bootlace

Pick the Right Shoes for Outdoors. Spending a lot of time outdoors means your everyday runners or basic hiking boot won’t last and certainly won’t be comfortable for hardcore outdoor adventures. For those who spend more time outside than in and do so in all kinds of weather, finding the right footwear (you’ve already found […]