10 Safety tips for Welders

welder in tunnel pipeline armorcord fireproof laces

Ā Minimize injuries in your welding shop. Increase efficiency and production with less down time safely. Ten safety tips for welders: Read the manual: For any welding tools and machinery you are not familiar with using. Be sure you are aware of all safety precautions, and proper use guidelines. Check the manufacturer’s website for a PDF […]

Exercises to Improve Your Hike

Exercises to Improve Your Hike. While we all think of hiking as being exercise, doing a few different exercises before the hike to prepare your body will make hiking a more enjoyable way to get fit. It’s preconditioning your body to prepare it for the bigger activity you’re looking forward to. You’ll find the hike […]

The Importance of Fire Safety

The Importance of Fire Safety. In the warmer weather it’s only natural to want to hit the trails for some camping and hiking. The outdoors provide a great escape from urban life. An opportunity for exercise, a natural relaxing space to share and reflect with those we care about. We all love a campfire. Remember […]

Laces that Survive Ice Skates

Laces that Survive Ice Skates. Don’t get caught with inferior laces. Your up at the crack of dawn for ice time. The rink has just been cleaned, you’re just off the bench getting ready to make new cuts in the surface and your lace breaks. Ice time is expensive and every minute on it counts, […]

Outlasting Shoes and Saying Thanks

Outlasting Shoes and Saying Thanks! There are some environments where traditional shoelaces can’t take the pressure. Firefighters, chemical engineers, welders, hikers and more confirm that Ironlace laces can take whatever is thrown at them. We love it! Not just our own tests, real life testing and reporting that comes from our customers. In fact, many […]

Just How Old Are Shoelaces?

Just How Old Are Shoelaces? It’s a bit of a chicken and the egg question – which came first the shoe or the shoelace? It’s difficult to know for sure. However, accepting the fact, what our ancestors wore on their feet weren’t really shoes, and what they bound them with were laces. I’m gonna say […]