Popular Work Boots

A good pair of work boots are a great investment, something you can appreciate everyday. Are you in the market to purchase a new pair? We’ll help you out by sharing the most popular work boots. #1 Timberland PRO Menā€™s 26078 Titan 6ā€³ Waterproof Work Boot What makes them popular? ā€¢ Power Fit Comfort System […]

MORE Fun Facts About Shoes

Here’s more fun facts about shoes and their history. ā€¢ 4,000 years ago, a singular piece of rawhide that wrapped the foot was the first shoe. Not a lot of arch support! ā€¢ A pair of shoes worth $660,000? That’s right, the ruby-red slippers from The Wizard of Oz fetched a staggering amount of money […]

Exercises to Improve Your Hike

Exercises to Improve Your Hike. While we all think of hiking as being exercise, doing a few different exercises before the hike to prepare your body will make hiking a more enjoyable way to get fit. It’s preconditioning your body to prepare it for the bigger activity you’re looking forward to. You’ll find the hike […]

The Importance of Fire Safety

The Importance of Fire Safety. In the warmer weather it’s only natural to want to hit the trails for some camping and hiking. The outdoors provide a great escape from urban life. An opportunity for exercise, a natural relaxing space to share and reflect with those we care about. We all love a campfire. Remember […]

For Shoe Trivia Buffs

Here’s a few tidbits for shoe trivia buffs! The boots Neil Armstrong wore on the moon are still floating around space. Sneakers were first made in America in 1916. It took until the nineteenth century for “right” and “left” shoes to be created. Before then, both shoes were the same. Glamour magazine found that the […]