Cool Way To Tie Your Shoelaces

Funky ways to tie your shoelaces. Chances are, you’ve been tying your laces for a long time. You might have even dabbled with different variations on the standard-issue zig-zag shoelace pattern in the past. But if you’re like most people, you probably have no idea just how many ways to lace shoes there are – […]

The Most Useful Ways To Tie Your Laces

 The most useful ways to tie your laces with the top methods. As youngsters we’re taught how important it is to keep your laces tied. Don’t trip over a stray shoelace! Know that the way you tie your laces, can also have an impact on the functionality, fit and comfort of your shoes.  The traditional […]

More Shoe Facts

DID YOU KNOW… More Shoe Facts Heels were added to shoes in the Middle East so the feet didn’t touch the burning sand from the heat. Pointed toes were all the rage in Europe between the 11th and 15th Century. During 16th and 17th Century Europe, heels of shoes were always red. (Maybe that’s where […]

Lacing Your Shoes Right

Did you know there are over two trillion different ways to lace up shoes with only six pairs of eyelets? Are you Lacing Your Shoes Right? One style of lacing up shoes that is most commonly known around the world, is the “criss-cross” lacing. This is also the strongest way to lace your shoes, however […]

MORE Fun Facts About Shoes

Here’s more fun facts about shoes and their history. • 4,000 years ago, a singular piece of rawhide that wrapped the foot was the first shoe. Not a lot of arch support! • A pair of shoes worth $660,000? That’s right, the ruby-red slippers from The Wizard of Oz fetched a staggering amount of money […]

Create a Lace Lock

Create a lace lock. At the top of a pair of running shoes or sneakers, there are often a set of lace eyelet holes that seem ridiculously placed. They aren’t in line with the others and look like they’d strangle your foot – or at least cut off a good amount of circulation – if […]