Choosing the best welding boots

Ā Choosing the best welding boots is most important. Welding is dangerous if you donā€™t have proper safety gear, including boots and laces. Sparks and splatter from welded materials can easily land on your feet and cause injury and burns. Things to look for when choosing the perfect welding boots: Sizing: Choose a boot that fits […]

10 Safety tips for Welders

welder in tunnel pipeline armorcord fireproof laces

Ā Minimize injuries in your welding shop. Increase efficiency and production with less down time safely. Ten safety tips for welders: Read the manual: For any welding tools and machinery you are not familiar with using. Be sure you are aware of all safety precautions, and proper use guidelines. Check the manufacturer’s website for a PDF […]

When is it Time to Get a New Pair of Work Boots?

old work boots

Worn Eyelets and sharp edged hooksĀ Old damaged footwear is unsafe. There is a point where your footwear loses the integrity and support it once had. The eyelets can also be a source for failure. Badly worn they become very sharp and cut through your laces or significantly reduce the life of your laces. The steel […]

Popular Work Boots

A good pair of work boots are a great investment, something you can appreciate everyday. Are you in the market to purchase a new pair? We’ll help you out by sharing the most popular work boots. #1 Timberland PRO Menā€™s 26078 Titan 6ā€³ Waterproof Work Boot What makes them popular? ā€¢ Power Fit Comfort System […]

History of Firefighters and Strong Laces

History of Firefighters and Strong Laces. Firefighting has a colorful history dating back to the ancient days of Rome. A group of firefighters were called a brigade in 115 BC.Ā  Emperor-formed brigades known as the “Vigils” in 6 AD.Ā  Romans established a fire department of 7000 men in 1500 AD. The only tools they had […]