Choosing the best welding boots

Ā Choosing the best welding boots is most important. Welding is dangerous if you donā€™t have proper safety gear, including boots and laces. Sparks and splatter from welded materials can easily land on your feet and cause injury and burns.

Things to look for when choosing the perfect welding boots:

  1. Sizing: Choose a boot that fits properly. Boots that are too big or small will be uncomfortable and can cause blisters and pain. Make sure theyā€™re comfortable and form fitting so welded materials and sparks canā€™t fly inside your boot.
  2. Steel toe option: Consider if this is a necessity or nice-to-have. Steel toe boots will help protect your feet from heavy tools and materials falling on them, but can be a heavier boot. Itā€™s not required to use steel toed welding boots, and you may find non-steel-toed boots more comfortable so itā€™s a personal choice.
  3. Shock Resistance: You can now find boots with shock resistance, which may be important to you if you work around a lot of electrical equipment. Again, this isnā€™t a requirement, but can be useful depending on how and where you weld.
  4. Shoe Padding: Compare the padding inside the shoe. Shoes with less padding may require thicker socks for a more comfortable fit.

There are many welding-certified shoes available at different price points. No matter which shoe you choose, make sure it fits well and is laced with only the strongest shoelaces in the world: Ironlaces!

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