At the top of a pair of running shoes, there are often a set of lace holes that seem ridiculously placed. They aren’t in line with the others and look like they’d strangle your foot – or at least cut off a good amount of circulation – if they were used. So why do running shoe manufacturers put them there? Answer: to create a lace lock.

The extra length of an Ironlace™ Sport shoelace can achieve this lock that will help keep the foot more secure in the shoe and avoid the associated blisters and sores.

At the top of the shoe, insert your lace through the extra hole towards your foot, leave a small amount of lace hanging out to form a loop. Repeat on both sides of both shoes. Then, cross the laces and insert them into the opposite side loop – so the inside lace should go through the outside loop and vise-versa. Tighten the shoe (forming the lock) by pulling the lace ends down, towards the ground – not up or away from the front of the shoe. There should be no space or gaps, but a tight, strong bond.

Tie the lace as usual at the front over top of the lock and you’ll have tight shoes that don’t slip or move – perfect for the Ironlace.