Aglet Shoelace Repair (plastic tips on your shoelaces)

Shoelace Tips

Fix aglets on your laces. Occasionally the plastic tips of shoelaces (aglets) will break-off and fray. This doesn’t effect the shoelace strength, but can make it awfully frustrating to switch the laces into a new pair of shoes.

It is possible to repair Ironlace™ Paracord laces by using a lighter. Trim off the frayed ends and then apply heat to melt just the very end once cooled it is ready to use. 

Ironlace™ & Ironlace™ Sport Our original Ironlace™ however do not melt, Applying heat won’t work for Ironlace™ or Ironlace™ Sport varieties.

Frayed ends? For these bad boys, to fix aglets on your laces, you’ll need to cut off the fuzzy or frayed tip. Then apply a couple of drops (Not too much, a little goes a long way) of super glue or Krazy Glue® to the tip. Let dry and you’re all set!   WARNING: Only an adult should repair your shoelaces with either method. Take care not to set fire to the shoelace and DO NOT TOUCH the melted laces with your fingers as it can stick to your skin and burn! Follow directions carefully when using super glue or Krazy Glue®. 

 We care about you and know that an aglet repair isn’t always the right answer. Remember we guarantee Ironlace for life!