Runner’s High


Avid runners have heard the term “Runner’s High”. The psychological state of feeling that time is suspended and aches and pains are removed. Including a sense of euphoria or a bit of “I’m a super hero”.

So what do laces have to do with achieving the Runner’s High?Ā  As it turns out, a lot. Repetitive exercising for a long period of time?Ā  Hitting that high is about ongoing repetition and those who continue the same form of exercise again and again will go through a lot of shoes and consequently a lot of laces of the regular variety. It may not have an impact on your “high” if your lace breaks before you hit the trail (though that’s darn annoying), but if it happens as a result of activity, you’re going to lose that high – possibly before it even hits, because you’ll have to stop moving.

If your drive to exercise comes in part from hitting the invincible sensation, you’ll want to ensure your equipment is in great shape before you head out the door, jump on the treadmill or grab your bike. Whether it’s shorts with a loose waistband, a dead cellphone or weak laces, you don’t want anything to distract from the rhythm of the exercise.

Doctors still aren’t sure what exactly causes the Runner’s High, but it sure doesn’t come from broken laces.