Firefighting has a rather colourful history dating back to the ancient days of Rome with the first known force coming about as a brigade in 115 BC. There was another emperor-formed brigade in 24 BC, a group of firefighters known as the Vigiles in 6 AD and in 1500 AD a fire department of 7000 paid Romans was established. The tools used were buckets – hand passed – and axes.

One can only wonder how these ancient firefighters protected their bodies. Their feet surely bore the marks of their work – much like today’s firefighters. They work in heat, flames, ashes and embers, which is why regular laces are constantly breaking and why we have a strong relationship with many firefighters.

It was London’s Great Fire of 1666 that saw volunteer and insurance company forces form. These paved the way for the system we know now in North America. That being said, there were no governmental/municipal forces in place until 1865.

Just as sprinkling systems and smoke alarms are required in buildings now, in those early days, the only tool they had – a bucket – was required in every home or building.

Thank you to our brave firefighters. We’re proud to take care of one small aspect of your safety gear.