jogger running cherry trees Running is a great way to reduce stress and get your exercise but whether you’re an avid daily runner looking to switch things up or someone who just doesn’t like running and wants to, check out the following tips to make running more enjoyable.     Switch up the scenery   Tired of running the same route day after day? Make a list of some of your favorite spots in the city, far or near and travel to them. This new scenery might just be the extra kick of motivation you needed. It can be nice to enjoy a view while you travel or explore a new neighbourhood you have never been to spark your curiosity. You could also get closer to nature and go for a run on the back or find a local trail.     Get into the gadgets   Technology has advanced rapidly and every day more and more gadgets are introduced to the world to make our lives easier. Step up your game with a watch, fitness tracker or heart rate monitor. Many devices combine all of these gadgets into one. It is a nice way to supplement your run and the analytics will motivate you to push yourself harder. If you like listening to music on your runs a good pair of headphones can go a long way. Check out wireless waterproof headphones to get the best use and enhance your running experience with better sound and less hassles – no wires necessary!     Join a Club   There are tons of local clubs and groups available to you that we bet you didn’t know about. Ask your local gym, shoe stores like the Running Room as well as community groups on Facebook or MeetUp. Running alone can get boring. By joining a group or club, you’ll not only make new friends but you can choose an danced group to challenge yourself, the good news is you’ll have a support group to encourage you to keep up.      Treat your self to some gear   Who doesn’t like new gear?! A new pair of trainers or maybe some compression socks will not only help you improve your performance but they might give you some additional motivation or comfort.     Happy Running!