How To Make Work-Place Safety, Work

welder grinding away on pipe in workshop

How To Make Work-Place Safety, Work:

Make safety an integral part of your training. Ā Time to make safety a priority. Don’t just watch the video, give safety training the attention and hands on experience it deserves.

Provide clear visuals and graphics to remind co-workers of dangerous areas. Itā€™s important to have reminders around the workplace. Employees change, become complacent or overlook safety procedures. Posters keeps safety top of mind. Have signs in the break room or bathroom too. Posting signs and instructions is an effective way to deliver the message. Clear pictures help, too many words can be distracting.

Monitor safety, make it a routine. Follow safety procedures and keep them current. Engage different team members every week to be a safety inspector. Bigger players, have a full-time safety inspector ensuring safety is a priority. This will reduce risk and liability.

Reward proper procedure. People appreciate recognition and makes them more likely to participate. Make it fun to keep everyone on board with safety.

Have back up safety equipment on hand. Where employees are responsible for their own safety equipment, itā€™s a good idea to have extra equipment on hand. Safety equipment wears out or it may break. Ironlaces won’t let you down, but back up equipment is necessary. Prevent accidents through smarter choices and emergency preparedness. Be helpful in creating a better, safer work environment.