Make safety an integral part of your training and on boarding process Many companies will stick in a safety video and ask their trainee to watch it and then call it quits. We think it’s time to make safety important again. Throw the video away and give safety training the attention and hands one experience it deserves, treat it just like you would treat any other part of your training. Provide clear visuals and graphics to remind co-workers of procedures and equipment requirements through the work place It’s important to have reminders around the workplace. Long-time employees may forget or overlook safety procedures but by posting visuals you are keeping safety top of mind. Consider placing these signs in out of ordinary places too. In work spaces these signs should be pasted for sure but consider having some signs in the break room or bathroom, gives people something to read. Some team members might be too shy to ask for instructions how to use safety equipment so again this is an effective way for them to understand what is required and why. Monitor safety, make it a routine Routinely check-up on your team to ensure safety procedures are being followed. This could mean incorporating a team wide safety check into the daily routine over a PA announcement. You could also engage a different team member every week to be a safety inspector. For bigger teams, you may want to actually hire a full-time safety inspector to ensure your work place is as safe as possible, this will reduce risk and liability. Reward proper procedure Good behaviour deserves to be rewarded. When employees are given a small token of appreciation they are more likely to participate. It’s an easy and fun way to keep everyone on board with safety. Have back up safety equipment on hand for your staff to borrow In many cases employees are responsible for their own safety equipment, purchasing it and caring for it. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to have extra equipment on hand. Someone may forget their safety equipment or it may break in the event that it has saved them from an accident. Either way, back up equipment is a necessity to keep your team safe. Accidents are often preventable through smarter choices and emergency preparedness. A huge part of this is safety equipment. We hope you found this blog helpful in creating a better, safer work environment for your team.