old shoes2

It’s a bit of a chicken and the egg question – which came first the shoe or the shoelace? Ultimately, it’s not that difficult to figure out – if you accept the fact that what our ancestors wore on their feet weren’t really shoes, and what they bound them with were laces.

You see, when walking around outside thousands of years ago, the elements were as harsh (if not more so) than they are now. People would wrap animal skins, wood and other materials around their feet. Obviously those protective layers wouldn’t sty in place without being attached in some way, so sinew, vines and other strings were wrapped around to keep things secure.

Imagine if they’d had Ironlaces to work with!

Eventually, better and better forms of foot protection evolved into what we know as the modern day shoe and with it, the modern lace. In many sources, Harvey Kennedy, is credited with the creation of the modern shoelace in 1790 in England.