Laces that Survive Ice Skates

waxed hockey laces
Ironlace hockey laces

Laces that Survive Ice Skates. Don’t get caught with inferior laces. Your up at the crack of dawn for ice time. The rink has just been cleaned, you’re just off the bench getting ready to make new cuts in the surface and your lace breaks.

Ice time is expensive and every minute on it counts, especially when you’re paying for a pro as well. That extra 15 minutes yanking out the old one and putting in the new one could mean the difference between a shortened practice or, two more attempts at the perfect landing.

Look to laces that work as hard as ice-skater legs. Ironlaces come in lengths up to 120″ so are long enough for any pair of skates. Plus, they are guaranteed to last – which is more than can be said for skating fashions.

Laces that survive ice skates were something of a dream until now. Ironlace dedicated many hours of research and development to create the perfect skate lace. Strong waterproof, non-odorous and super tough! Tips to survive on ice.