Less Noise Makes for a Better Hunting Experience


Less Noise Makes for a Better Hunting Experience. Anyone who hunts has told the story about the animal in their sights that bolted from the slightest movement or the whisper of a sleeve rubbing against their jacket. It’s frustrating, but there are ways to reduce the amount of noise and make for a more positive hunt.

1. Start early. Really early. Be prepared, be sure to have your Ironlaces installed. Get to your stand or scouting point long before any wildlife will come through. You can settle in without disrupting their movement and be ready. That being said, don’t tromp to the stand like an elephant. Pick your way quietly through the area of least growth to keep animals on their expected route towards you.

2. Stop talking. It can be tempting to complain about the cold, the cramp in your calf or the fact that you haven’t seen anything to shoot for two days, but talking will just make that wait longer. Just can’t say it enough Less Noise Makes for a Better Hunting Experience.

3. Stay still. Movement is notorious for making stands creak. If you need to spend a day or two to reduce noise in the stand or rebuild it, do so long before the season begins, then once hunting season arrives, get in, get settled and stay alert.

4. Check your clothing. Not only do you want it to be warm, make sure clothing is silent. No “swishy” nylon, no jeans. Consider hunting-specific clothing for the best of both worlds.

You put a lot of time into prepping for your hunting trip, make it a silent one for the best results. Less noise makes for a better hunting experience. Broken is not an option with Ironlace. Hunt with the best laces in the world.