Making Safety a #1 priority Iron Lace

Goal setting has been proven effective and that’s why many of us have made personal new year’s resolutions to stick to this year. But It’s just as important to set goals for your organization as well and we encourage safety to be a #1 priority on that list of goals.

Why? Well we think you might be surprised to find out:

o Fire hazards are responsible for 5,000 workplace injuries in the U.S every year
o In 2015, 852 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada
o In 2015, 232,629 work-related injury or disease claims were made in Canada

It’s quiet the headscratcher. There are is abundance of safety gear and technological advances out there to help keep you safe but people still fail to utilize them even when the’y’re made mandatory. It’s one step closer to a safer workplace. The most common reasons work place injuries are caused by:

Not dressing the part. The easiest thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear the correct protective gear for your occupation and most employers are willing to reimburse you’re for these expenses so there should be no excuse!

Taking shortcuts. There are processes and protocols in place for a reason, skipping steps and taking shortcuts might seem easier but can be fatal. Your employer has created the steps and rules to keep yourself and the end consumer safe.

Starting a job without all the information needed. Not being trained adequately is a major concern, if you’re not sure what you’re doing don’t be afraid to seek out additional training.

Mental distractions. It’s important to talk about your problems and get them off your chest so you can focus and pay attention to what you’re doing. If you have personal problems that are distracting you it may be worth talking to a mental health professional, many extended health plans cover this service.

Keep yourself and your co-workers safe. We encourage everyone to have a discussion and about safety at work. Make it a real priority, you’ll be thankful you did. People who write down their goals are 50% more likely to achieve them, so throw up a sign.

You can even make it fun be putting an incentive in place, we’re sure your boss will agree. For example, if there are no workplace injuries this year, your team gets to enjoy a day off and company barbeque.

Have a fun and safe 2017!