Making Safety a Priority

Making Safety a Priority at work or play.

Ā Firefighters, public safety professionals, linemen, carpenters, are Making Safety a Priority. Work hard for a living, weā€™ve got the Ironlaces on the job and off. Ironlace Boot laces won’t let you down. Itā€™s these dedicated people that inspire us to make quality crafted laces for life!

Approximately 24% of workplace accidents result in ankle, feet, or knee injuries. Clearly choosing the best boot and lace combination to protect your feet can save a lot of pain, time, and money!

Our target audience are the rough, tough, classic hard-working people who need footwear that gets the job done. Ironlace will last. Your footwear will thank you. Survive whatever life throws your way.

Many companies try to create products as cheaply as possible. We stray away from this philosophy to bring a well-crafted investment that you can count on for years to come.

Dressing the part. The easiest thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear the correct protective gear for your occupation. Some companies are even willing to reimburse youā€™re for these expenses, we do.

Taking shortcuts. There are processes and protocols in place for a reason, skipping steps and taking shortcuts might seem easier but could be fatal.

Knowledge is power. Know your job and risks associated.

Keep yourself and your co-workers safe. We encourage everyone to have a discussion and about safety at work and of course having the best laces on the planet is a great start! Make them Ironlaces to be sure! Youā€™ll be thankful you did.

Have fun and stay safe.