Outlasting Shoes and Saying Thanks


Outlasting Shoes and Saying Thanks! There are some environments where traditional shoelaces can’t take the pressure. Firefighters, chemical engineers, welders, hikers and more confirm that Ironlace laces can take whatever is thrown at them. We love it! Not just our own tests, real life testing and reporting that comes from our customers.

In fact, many customers have stated that their Ironlaces have outlasted the shoes or boots. Some folks have had several pairs of shoes die before the laces. That just doesn’t happen with standard laces.

We know, like a flat tire, there is no good time to have a broken shoelace or bootlace. No matter what your occupation or hobby, Ironlace laces are built to last in any type of shoe or boot. You’ve proven they work wellĀ and for that, we are truly honored.

This is our chance to say thank you for trying, and loving, Ironlace shoelaces. We built them to last and we’re proud to have people putting them to the test each and every day. Outlasting Shoes and Saying Thanks!