workingA lot of our customers stand ALL. DAY. LONG. While their laces are sure to stand up to the pressure, it can be hard on legs, knees, spines, feet and pretty much the entire body. We looked into the best ways to reduce that leg and skeletal system fatigue to make sure you have the energy to play on the weekend. – Keep your muscles healthy by eating healthy foods. This helps to reduce overall fatigue as well as muscle and leg fatigue. Magnesium is often recommended to prevent leg cramps. – Load up on your water. Yes, that means more inconvenient bathroom breaks, but your body needs the hydration. – Take care of the surfaces you stand on. Ensure shoes give you the best support and fit well and gel mats are incorporated into spaces where you stand. – Take all of your breaks and go home on time. Sure, that overtime can help to pay for a few more drinks this weekend, but after eight hours body fatigue becomes a greater issue – go home after eight hours if you can. Help combat regular daily fatigue and the fatigue from overtime by making use of regular breaks to find a seat and elevate your feet above your heart if possible. You need to get off your feet if you’ve been standing for more than a few hours so take those breaks. Keeping your body happy and healthy comes from taking care of it during the work week so you can have fun on the weekend without pain or discomfort.