At this time of year, it’s only natural to want to hit the trails for some camping and hiking. The outdoors provide a great escape from urban life, give opportunities for exercise and allow time and space to share and reflect with those we care about in a relaxed setting. Let’s keep it relaxed and use fire safety when outdoors.

The startling and disturbing pictures coming from Fort McMurray since the May 1st wildfires began are a strong reminder to take extra caution in the forests and outdoor spaces we all love. We want to send a special word of thanks to all the career and volunteer firefighters who have been working round-the-clock to deal with the raging blaze. Without their efforts, so much more could have been lost and those efforts come at a cost of their own energy, time with family and mental health.

Please be careful in the great outdoors. Be sure to only light fires when necessary and put them out fully. In dry heat, don’t ride motor vehicles in long grass or undergrowth. Take the extra steps needed to keep everyone as safe as possible.