First off, they’re 100% Made in America, using 100% American-sourced raw materials. Starting to sound really good right?

You want reliable? Try being in business for 200 years….

Our raw stock product is manufactured using extremely reliable partners who have been manufacturing high quality, advanced fiber products in the USA for over 200 years, then cut, tipped, packaged, and shipped from our factory in North Carolina.

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From roll to box.

Once the fiber is woven, we have in-house equipment at our packaging and warehousing facility that can cut and tip up to 5,000 sets of laces per day. Together with these partners, we are able to specify every aspect of production.Ā 

Our favorite stat:

Out all of the Ironlace Unbreakable Boot Laces weā€™ve ever made, we have had less than 1% breakage. There, we said it. We guarantee our laces for life, and sometimes the flame is just too hot for too long or your grinder slips. We get it. And we have your back. If you need your pair replaced, you’re just an easy call away from customer service.Ā 

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And something amazing?Ā The men and women in our U.S. based factory are visually impaired or blind.

You want to talk about grit, determination and skill? These people have it in spades, and it shows in the quality craftsmanship of every single set of laces we make.

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Our Partners