Ironlace Boot & Shoe Laces

Ironlace makes the worlds toughest laces. We keep you working, alive and in the game. Proudly Made in America using 100% USA Made Materials.

What kind of laces do I need – Round or Flat?

Flat lacesĀ are often found in most casualĀ orĀ running shoes, whileĀ round lacesĀ are found in work/hiking bootsĀ or dress shoes.Ā 

Flat laces tend to stay tied better and offer better pressure distribution across your foot which is why they’re preferred for sports.

Round laces tend to be a bit more durable, and can withstand more pressure and stronger tugs, which is why most work boots and hiking boots have them.Ā 

What’s the best way to tie my shoes?

You might laugh and say “everyone knows how to tie a knot… I don’t need to know how to lace shoes”. Let us show you a way to get the most from your footwear. Consider this an ADVANCED course in shoelace tying.

  • Your shoes and boots will fit better with functional ways to tie your shoes
  • Learn different ways to lace shoes to that look cool
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