I used to periodically lace my shoes uneven to extend the life of the laces. I would have the lace an inch longer on one side for a while, then lace them even for a while and then have the lace longer on the opposite side. That way they would wear in three locations instead of one. But, eventually they would finally break. With these laces, I can be normal. These are so good, that they outlasted the shoes. In fact the shoes that they are on right now are starting to fall apart just like the other ones (Keen, but, that's whole different review). These laces are ready to be used on a third pair of shoes (not Keen)! Can your laces do that. Oh, and they stay tied.

Amazon purchaser

Recently I transferred from an investigative position back to the streets and decided to get a new pair of boots, ones that could stand-up to the rigors of street patrol in DC. I also purchased a pair of your laces to go with the boots, since I had standard cloth laces fail in the past

Keith B. DC officer, Street Patrol

I thought I'd give these a go as I'm always breaking laces at the worst possible time. I'm amazed as I never knew such a simple thing as laces could be improved upon so much. Top purchase!!!

Dennis Brimmble

I am a 30 year veteran of Wildland Firefighting. I have gone through dozens of pairs of leather laces over the years. Wish these laces had been around years ago, I would have saved a lot time and money replacing laces. High quality product and very durable. Very pleased and Highly recommended for persons that work out in the weather or in adverse conditions.

B Miller

I’m a polio survivor and have worn leg braces for years. The leather corsets on the braces require long shoelaces which are very hard to find. They also “eat up” the laces in a matter of months. I’ve had a pair of Ironlace shoelaces in my braces for about a year and a half without breakage. Then a month ago, one of the laces started showing a wear area and eventually broke. I remembered that I’d seen an “unbreakable” claim on the box the laces came in. I called and asked about the claim and a simple picture later and a pair of new laces was on the way. Great product, great service.

Larry K

In the morning when you're getting ready for work one thing you don't think about is the quality of your shoes laces,that is because iron laces already did. That is where Ironlaces shine. I used to constantly change my shoe laces. I've only had laces last no more than 3 months. Thank you Ironlace for giving me a productive day without worry about my shoes staying tight.

David L

I am a 30 year veteran of Wildland Firefighting. I have gone through dozens of pairs of leather laces over the years. Wish these laces had been around years ago, I would have saved a lot time and money replacing laces. High quality product and very durable. Very pleased and Highly recommended for persons that work out in the weather or in adverse conditions.

B A Miller

These laces are the best I've had. I'm hard on boots and laces. Got tired of replacing the cheap ones all the time, so bought these. Would have gone through 3 sets of the cheapies by now, still going strong. Highly recommended

Gold Rush Parts

Ironlace is the best. It's color tends to fade but it looks decent enough over time, but that's not why I buy these laces. They are the strongest and highest quality laces I've ever seen. They don't break, they don't tangle, they don't fray. I've never had a problem with these laces.

Sam C

Impossibly tough and strong laces. Only con is that they're a bit stiff when they're new. They're more pliable after a few months of use.

D Myers

I work in a pretty rough field and environment and these have survived everything I have thrown at them.

P Geary

Wicked strong laces. My wife fell into a rather large hole. She is a large lady. Thanks to these wicked strong laces, I was able to remove them from my boot, tie them together, and hoist her from the hole. Can't ask for more out of a shoelace!

Amazon Customer

Yes, they are a bit more expensive that your usual pair of laces, but well worth it. I guess if these need to be part of a uniform and remain a particular color, they do fade a bit (I read a lot about black turning gray - I got brown and have had them for 6+ months and while they are a bit faded, they seem to hold color pretty well). Also, these are on my work boots, so I'm really not going for style. In terms of functionality, they tie tight, stay tight, and show ZERO signs of wear/tear. If you are just looking for a tough pair of laces, so you don't have to worry about replacing them every 6-9 months, go with these - as far as I can tell I wont need new laces for my boots for years, if ever.


I've been using these in my boots for the past 5 months and they show no sign of wear. I was very skeptical when I ordered them but I was tired of replacing my laces every 4-5 months. I am thrilled with them. I don't see having to replace these laces, considering they have a lifetime warranty.

Thirsty runner

So far these laces are holding up under extreme outdoor work conditions for my husband. He works in the gas and oil industry so he is in all types of weather and chemicals.

Dawn Roberts

These are the greatest laces I've ever owned. You may be thinking, This is a lot of money for a pair of laces. It is, but I seriously think they might be the last pair you ever buy. I'm a union ironworker in Philadelphia. I burn, weld, climb and slide down steel columns and I've now transferred the same laces into my fourth pair of boots. They've lasted more than a year and a half and are no worse for wear. I used to replace my old ones every month or so. They are THE BEST!

Aaron Scott

Put 'em on my boots that chewed through their stock cotton laces. Haven't even nicked these, and it's been six months. Pricey? Yeah. Worth it. Rock solid.


Great laces. I'm a welder and these are performing great.

Joshua Bradly

Satisfied skateboarder. I put these in my hi top vans and they are indestructible and truly did outlast my shoes. The texture grips well too, making them superior to shiny laces including especially brands with metal tips that can't thread metal eyelets. As per other reviewers they don't stay black for long, becoming charcoal and eventually simply gray.

Brendan Ross

I like quality stuff, whatever it may be. These laces are the real thing. They're about 1/8" diameter, which would have caused me to hesitate and wonder if they'd hold up. But, the material is a 100% synthetic and absolutely strong stuff. It has the feel of a highly waxed hemp. But it's likely a high-density-polyethylene (like Amsteel synthetic winch cable... which is 92% as strong as stainless steel by diameter!!). Anyway, I'll never use store-bought laces again for my work boots. I'll stay with this stuff.

Mike K

I used to have to tuck my laces into my boots so our cats wouldn't chew through them. No more am I at the mercy of my cats. Now when I get home and kick off my boots I just sit back and laugh as the cats go ham randy without nary a fray.


These laces kick royal buttox on my Zamberlan heavy duty hiking boots and on my Vasque Men's St. Elias GTX. I could not care less about "colors" matching my boots... my boots get UGLY out here in the high desert where I live in the western portion of the Mojave high desert. These laces allow me to adjust every single area from the toe to my ankle to perfection... AND, they DO NOT BUDGE! Once you lock in these suckers you are ready to hike for as many hours, over whatever terrain, in snow, rain, blistering sun etc. Laces DO make a difference when you're going on extended mile/hour hikes. They do NOT fray and they do NOT loosen, and I ALWAYS pull them as tight as I can. They would also function well as a garrote... just kidding. Hope this helps - had to write this review because, until Ironlace, I'd never found laces that last or adjust exactly how I wanted.


I bought these for some leather shoes I use as work shoes. The shoes are ones with only two sets of eyelets, so it is hard for me to find heavy-duty laces for them, which usually come in longer sizes. I kept having sets of laces break. So I decided to look for the most heavy-duty laces I could find. I hesitated because of the cost, but ultimately I'm happy with the result, at least so far. One pleasant surprise is how well they hold without slipping when tied. Something about the weave helps them grip each other when tightened.

Colby Parsons

These things are great I have had them for a year and a half now gone thru 3 pairs of boots not a fray, Nick or anything! I am a Derrick hand in the oilfield, I work with a lot of brine water that will eat anything up and quick hence the three pairs of boots. If you are skeptical or leery of the price don't be you will get your money's worth out of them probably double!


As a pipe fitter and ship fitter I will burn through a pair of laces every two to three months, I've had the same pair of Ironlaces on two different pairs of Workboots - they've lasted 2 years so far. I'm sold, Ironlace for life.

Jean B

I bought these to put on my work boots, because I knew the stock laces simply wouldn't last in the environment I work in. I'm a machinist who deals with various types of metals, coolant, and oils on a daily basis. For 8 months at 45 hours a week in an environment where hot chips land on my boots, coolant and oil softens up and eats away at the soles of my boots AND the leather, as well as sharp pieces of tooling and metal cut and tear the boot itself, the actual lace remains as strong as the day I opened the package. These will definitely outlast the boot itself. I would easily recommend these to anybody who wants a durable set of laces.


The pair of laces that I bought actually broke. But the breakage was due to a sharp eyelet on my metatarsal cover. They lasted 6 months before breaking. When it did break I emailed the customer service department explained my situation and the how I believe that they broke. Mike quickly responded to my email very quickly he agreed to replace the laces and send me a complementary pair of sport laces. I have had them in my boots and shoes since they came in the mail took out the sharp eyelets on the boots and have had absolutely no problems so far with the laces. Without knowing Mike actually matched the color of the sports laces to my shoes. Great job!


These are strong, they will last longer then the boots you have them in. And if you get stranded somewhere and need something to make a snar remember you have these laces

Trent Enu

These laces are in my second pair of boots? I weld grind and flat out abuse my boots and the laces!! I usually go thru two to three pair of laces per pair of boots. Stiff at first but limber up after a while!!

Diesel Treats

My husband is a ship fitter, meaning he does structural iron work. I ordered these laces for him after several other pairs of normal laces burnt off his work boots. It's been a few months with these laces and he is super impressed with them. The only thing is that they were longer than he expected (I think I ordered the wrong size) so he wraps them around the ankle of his boot when he ties them to keep the excess from getting in the way. But he says he will eventually order another pair in the right size if/when these wear out.

Mainer Girl

I have fairly skinny feet, which means that on most of my boots I have to pull the laces really tightly/strongly to get them tight. I can't recall how many laces I have snapped due to this, and I can confidently say that there is no way anyone could snap or break these laces by pulling on them. Best investment ever! As for the laces themselves, they are pretty stiff the first few times you lace them up, which makes knotting a little bit difficult, but they loosen up soon thereafter. I purchased the 72" length for my 8-eyelet boots. I like to wrap them around the back of my ankle and then lace in the front, and this length was perfect for that.

Matty G

Like most other reviews have stated I to have trouble with laces lasting for more than a few months. I just bought a new pair of Chippewa Apache Steel Toed work boots and wanted to start out with something more durable than the laces that came with the boots. Right out of the box they look great, however I have noticed that the color is starting to fade in spots, but that's okay because I don't go to work to look pretty. For $15 bucks I do hope they last longer than a couple months like normal laces. So far they have stayed tied. They do look good on my boots. Update 09/20/2015 8 months have passed, have had no issues except color fade, which as I said before is no big deal since I work in a factory and am there to do a job and not to look pretty. They stay tied as tight as you tie them, they don't stretch, there has been no fraying anywhere (I check about once a week). I put in 50-55 hrs a week on my boots and it is piece of mind knowing that 10-11 hr shifts I don't have to stop to retie my boots. I highly recommend them and will quote one reviewer on these "these are for working mans shoes, not dancing mans shoes". Will update again after a yr.

B Vest

Ironlace Is Ironclad! Very solid laces that hold incredibly well when you tie them. They literally upgrade your boots when you put them on.

Sr Galhad

I took a couple welding classes, and I was going through regular laces constantly--seemingly every day or two the laces needed to be replaced. I switched to leather laces, and while they lasted longer, leather had a tendency to break, and the leather laces did not hold tight. These laces, however, fixed all problems. No longer do I burn through the laces. No longer are the boots loose. Simply put, buy these laces.


Just got these the other day Aug 2013 and laced up my boots with them today. I thought I would add my thoughts to counter some of the other reviewers. I read a few before I ordered and people have said they are really hard almost like wire and hard to tie. I found this to be inaccurate. They are stiff but not that much more so than a new pair of original RedWing laces. They lace up and tie just fine although they don't have as much grip as the originals. I did not find this to be a problem though. I will update this review after using them for awhile if I don't space it out. Edit: 6 months later and the sharp spots on my Red wings are starting to fray these laces. They have been all white for awhile now. They are just as flexible as the original laces and still hold a knot better than originals. I'll update again when they do break. Edit: Dec 2014 My boots wore out before the laces. I now have an extra set of laces for when the new boots need their original laces replaced 🙂 Edit: September 16th 2015. The boots these are on have been relegated to once a week yard work duty so they do not get laced up much. The sharp edge on my Redwings which prompted my purchase of these laces finally won as a frayed spot cut through the rest of the way on my left boot. I stand by the 5 star rating as regular laces would have been cut many many times with the crazy sharp edges on the eyelets of this particular pair of boots. With a regular pair of boots these should easily last the lifetime of the boot.

Amazon Customer

I work at an ice rink, so my steel toe work boots often get soaked in water. I've busted quite a few laces over my short career, so I needed laces that can endure better. These laces are strong. When I say strong, I mean unbelievably strong. These can outlast any wear and tear you can dish out. So far I've destroyed one pair of boots, and the laces still feel brand new. The only problem I can find (if I had to find one), is the fact that these are really indestructible. If you end up having them tied in a knot you can't undo, you might have to get bolt cutters to chop them.


As other reviewers have said, these laces may not be good for uniform use. The color WILL fade. They tend to stand out on my black boots. I could not care less. I've been using these laces for years. The only reason I've ever had to buy new ones is because they're too short or too long for the next boot I've switched to. They ARE stiff out of the box, but this will pass after a year or so. And they will last that long. Much longer actually. I have never had one of these laces break. Or fray. Or come untied. I like my boots to be able to withstand lots of abuse. If the shoelace fails, the boot fails. These shoelaces have not failed me in any way. I buy an extra pair every now and then. Not because I doubt their durability, but because I want a decent supply if the company ever goes out of business. I don't think you'll be disappointed in these puppies, they're the real deal.

MisFit 5150

Wow , they were not exaggerating when they said these were strong. They are the strongest I have ever seen , or even heard about. No more broken laces , or shredded from walking through the Florida swamps . They take a couple of days to wear in and make it easy to tie knots , but who cares ? They are definitely worth the money , and will probably outlast the boots they are on , then be passed on to the next pair.

Mother Iowa

I had the hardest time purchasing laces that are so expensive. It was worth it and I wished I had done it sooner. These are bulletproof, infinite durability. I work construction and my boots just shred cheap laces. I could have saved so much money if I had just purchased these in the first place instead of constantly replacing shredded laces. The same pair has lasted me three boots worth of wear and tear.


I have a pair of Danner boots that cut through KEVLAR laces in a few months. Replaced them with Ironlaces and these have not started fraying in 3 months. Only drawback is the color loss over time but its not a big deal. Want to pick up another pair for my Smoke-jumpers soon too. Wildland seasons coming and i don't want my laces breaking on a fire or around the station.

Caden C

I work in a steel mill and I can attest that IronLace laces are the toughest laces out there. I tried Rhino Laces, they didn't last a 12 hour shift. I work in an environment that is hot, dirty and and very unforgiving. The current set I've got in my boots now are going on 8 months when the best I ever got out of OEM laces were 2-3 weeks. I would highly recommend any heavy industry business to try these laces out for the safety of your teammates. Thank you IronLace.

George N